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REACH Postbaccalaureate Program Racial Equity to Advance a Community of Health

Ambassadors referral program

Do you know someone who would be perfect for REACH? Want to help recruit and put the word out about our program? Here’s your chance! Be an ambassador for the REACH program!

Invite candidates to apply with your personalized referral link. REACH will track and tally up all website engagement associated with your personal link that results in opening and completing an application. Another way to gain points is to have your name referenced in the application under the request, “if you were referred by someone, enter the name.” So be sure to let applicants know to mention your name!



Please login with your SUNet ID to access your referral URL.

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You are encouraged to organize your own virtual or in-person recruitment events if you wish. You may request access to all recruitment materials and pre-made presentations that you need. REACH also has limited funds to support in-person recruitment trips (where virtual is not available or not as impactful) to host events or speak at conferences with the purpose of marketing for REACH. Submit a proposal to Director James Harden with the subject line “Ambassadors proposal” to formally request any materials or logistical/financial support. Airfare, lodging, and perdiem are eligible expenses and may be included in the proposal. Decisions will be made based on the assessment of costs compared to scope and impact of proposal, soundness of strategy, audience engagement, logistical needs, and potential outcomes.  Anyone you speak with through your recruitment efforts can reference your name on the REACH application to win you points!


We will have tiered prizes for those that participate in our referral program. Check out last year’s winners with their rewards!