Adonis Rubio - REACH Postbaccalaureate Program - REACH Postbaccalaureate Program Adonis Rubio - REACH Postbaccalaureate Program
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REACH Postbaccalaureate Program Racial Equity to Advance a Community of Health

Category: Peer Mentors

Adonis Rubio

Adonis is a 2nd year Stanford Immunology PhD student working in the lab of Dr. Christopher Barnes; Adonis graduated with his Bachelors of Science in Biology with honors in Microbes and Immunity and a minor in Ethics in Society from Stanford University. Currently, Adonis is using Cryo-EM to understand how antibodies bind and interact to viruses including HIV and SARS-CoV-2 to engineer broadly protective bispecific antibodies as therapeutics and to design broadly effective vaccine platforms. Apart from his PhD studies, Adonis is passionate about diversifying STEM and supporting individuals from historically excluded groups and has been an avid member of the Stanford SACNAS Chapter. In his free time, Adonis loves to go for walks, play with other people’s dogs, and go get ice cream!