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REACH Postbaccalaureate Program Racial Equity to Advance a Community of Health

Category: Scholars

Julia Alexsandra Galiza Soares

Julia, an international student hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, recently graduated from Columbia University. For approximately a year, she has been engaged in research at the Javitch Lab, with a primary focus on unraveling the connection between the opioid system and depression. Julia aspires to pursue an MD-PhD degree in the United States, although she plans to take a few gap years to decompress and adequately prepare herself for the extensive journey ahead. Julia holds a strong appreciation for building communities, meeting new people, and exchanging diverse experiences. Outside of her academic pursuits, she finds joy in the culinary arts, indulging in cooking endeavors. Biking, reading light-hearted science fiction and romance novels, and spending quality time with her friends are also activities she cherishes.