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REACH Postbaccalaureate Program Racial Equity to Advance a Community of Health

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Serey Nouth

Serey, originally from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, embarked on a new chapter in her life when she immigrated to the United States of America at the age of six alongside her mother and older sister. With a broad range of research interests, Serey’s focus lies particularly in the fields of microbiology and immunology. She is driven by her dedication to serving low-income communities, Southeast Asian communities, and immigrant populations, aspiring to become a physician or physician-scientist who can bridge the gap and make medicine more accessible to these underserved communities. In her personal life, Serey finds immense joy in the art of cooking and baking, pouring her creativity and love into each dish she prepares. Spending quality time with her family and friends is also a source of great happiness for her. However, navigating familial responsibilities can sometimes lead to stress in her life. When she seeks solitude, Serey engages in activities such as meditation and indulges in Lego projects, allowing her mind to find peace and creativity. On the other hand, being with friends brings her delight in trying out new restaurants, engaging in board games, embarking on movie marathons, and simply enjoying each other’s company. As she looks ahead to the next year, Serey eagerly anticipates diving into full-time research, experiencing the independence of living on her own, and meeting new people who will enrich her journey.

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